Ethash cloud mining

Most popular cryptocurrencies in Ethash

  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic

The value of cryptocurrencies increases every year. In some countries, such as Japan, they are already officially accepted as a payment currency. This means that bitcoin and other coins are the future. At the moment, there are several hundred cryptocurrencies that are extracted using different algorithms. We will consider one of the most popular – Ethash.What is the Ethash algorithm

One of the main features of this algorithm is to find nonce input, reach a certain limit.
In the case where the results are evenly distributed, there is a reason to ensure that the average time it takes to find nods depends on the difficulty threshold. With this capability, we will be able to control the time it takes to find a new unit, using a simple manipulation of difficulty.

Each block is formed a few seconds. This is possible thanks to the dynamic adjustment of the difficulty. This, in turn, ensures that there are no parallel processes. The reluctance of parallel processes is that they cause high costs. But the situation with parallel processes can unfold in such a way that there will be rewriting until more than half of the mining capacity on the system is involved. This process is called 51% attack.

Any network node can act as a miner. In this case, the profit from the mining of coins directly proportional to the capacity of the equipment or the number of nods per second, which are divided into a total hash rate.

Thanks to the stable memory, which is Ethash, determine the stability of the algorithm to the ASIC. In other words, to carry out the calculation PoW, we will need from fixed resources to choose a subset. This depends on the block header as well as the noise. The resource occupies a volume of several gigabytes and was named DAG. It consisted of several tens of thousands of completely different blocks and is called the era. Despite this name, the generation process takes place quickly.

When the Dag is affected only by the block height, then the generation procedure can be performed. If you do not, then you will have to wait until the process is over, only then you can close the block.