Equihash cloud mining

Most popular cryptocurrencies in Equihash:

  • Zcash
  • Bitcoin Gold

The Equihash algorithm was developed by Dmitry Khovratovich and Alexander Biryukov. The researchers who worked on the basis of the University of Luxembourg managed to create a unique algorithm which should allow for mining, using standard home computers.Why the project is relevant
Today for mining is an innovative equipment, which has a huge capacity, standard computers cannot handle the load of this type. But creatingEquihash can radically change this situation. The creators of the algorithm are confident that their brainchild will show itself in the mining segment. Dmitry Khovratovich believes that the new algorithm will allow home computers to carry out mining through proper load distribution.Now the load is strongly divided, small packages of power are used, it is for this purpose that special equipment is created.

But the creators of Equihash believe That even standard computers that are equipped with a large number of RAM-memory can be effectively used for mining certain cryptocurrencies.

Pioneers in the use of Equihash

The first to activate the developers of Zcash, who decided to use all the positive aspects of the new algorithm. But the creators of the algorithm assures their creation is difficult to call one-sided, it will be able to use the developers of other popular cryptocurrencies. The developers believe that the increase in the number of miners, a positive impact on competition all participants in the process will be more active to do their job, trying to get an impressive reward.

Khovratovich sure that the use of the algorithm Equihash would avoid the monopolization of a segment of the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency will become more democratic because a large number of users will be able to take part in its mining. The global distribution of the registry is the main priority of the cryptocurrency, which is now a little lost. Implementation of the algorithm Equihash will allow you to change the situation.

Features of functioning

Equihash algorithm is designed for standard computers, the only important criterion is the presence of a huge amount of RAM. Only these machines will be able to participate effectively in mining cryptocurrencies. The algorithm has only been tested but is already actively used by developers of several cryptocurrencies who are confident in the maximum efficiency of the new project. Equihash creators believe that they have created a real breakthrough in their segment, their creation should win the world.