Hashflare profitability 2018

Configuring the pools and the profitability of Hashflare mining in 2018

The service offers three types of pools for users-BW, SL, BC. Choose from these three types, at its discretion and on the basis of observations or emerging trends.
Beginners can take advantage of the ready-made options on the service site by selecting the most numerous pool. This is a simple and reasonable solution, which is recommended Hashflare datacenter.
Depending on the selected pool and algorithm, the user receives a yield of up to 120 percent per annum. This indicator is confirmed not only by the company itself but also by its users.

    1. SHA-256 120%
    2. Scrypt-115%
    3. Eterhash-90%
    4. X11-80%
    5. Equihash-80%

    These figures are average at the end of last year. In General, this trend will continue in the short term with slight deviations.

    Hashflare datacenter: the calculation of earnings and withdrawals

    Users of the hashfare cloud mining service will receive the results of their activities in the first 24 hours with the right approach. You can track all your balance changes online. The calculation is made once a day, and, accordingly, with the same regularity, you can make a withdrawal.

    Profit is calculated using the standard formula:
    Profit Income Expense
    The user can independently make a preliminary calculation of profit, if the amount of his income will be deducted from the amount of service and electricity costs, which for the algorithm SHA-256 are calculated at a rate of $0.0035 for every 10 GHash/s and Scrypt $0.005 for one MHash.

    Of course, bitcoin exchange rate also will directly affect the profitability of mining, as the withdrawals in BTC, if You used CLOUD MINING SHA-256or SCRYPT CLOUD MINING.
    Sometimes the account can be blocked for 14 days on withdrawal operations. In the company, the reasons for this phenomenon are the following:

    Password change

    Payment can see your credit card
    Change of wallet address
    When purchasing a referral using a credit card
    It is also emphasized that if such blocking has occurred, the support staff have no authority and/or tools to remove such restriction.

    SHA-256 and Scrypt are displayed in bitcoins (BTC). The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.05 BTC. In the case of using the Ethash miner, the output is carried out in Ethereum at least 0,1006 ETH. X11 is displayed in Dash 0,1003 DASH is the min amount of payout.

    Given the amount of the minimum withdrawal include Commission deductions.

    All transactions are made In the personal account. In order to withdraw funds from the balance to the wallet is necessary:

    Select and press the Output button
    Set the amount scheduled for withdrawal
    To confirm the withdrawal of funds by performing the appropriate actions described in the letter, which will be sent by the system to your email
    Automatic withdrawal is not practiced in Hashflare datacenter, each operation is performed individually after the series of procedures by the user himself. This is a necessary precaution, which is one of the links of reliable protection against theft.

    The alleged withdrawal of the number of funds received on the account within 1 hour. If there is a delay, you should contact technical support.

    Importantly! Currently, due to the large volume of unconfirmed transactions in the Bitcoin Network, Commission payments and min withdrawal amounts may vary. According to the post Hashflare datacenter, 2018 the fee for withdrawal is about 0.0006 BTC.

    Hashflare datacenter Commission for withdrawals

    Cloud mining Hashflare datacenter: advantages and disadvantages
    At the end of the review of the service in the form of individual items will highlight its pros and cons. Indisputable advantages are:

    1. The efficiency of connection allows from the first minutes after the purchase of equipment to participate in mining and earn income. The possibility of obtaining the income within 24 hours after purchase
    2. Low entry threshold helps to reduce investment risk to the minimum level
    3. The use of mining pools allows the joint efforts of participants to achieve high performance (as opposed to solo mining)
    4. Remote access to equipment eliminates such disadvantages of traditional mining as high energy consumption, high noise level, the need for constant monitoring of the connection, ensuring the cooling mode, etc.
    5. The possibility of Autonomous (individual) power distribution and pool selection for efficiency and high profitability. The user can distribute his her capacities among the pools in arbitrary fractions. By choosing the most optimal pool combination, a member can expect higher profitability.
    6. An additional bonus of 10% for each attracted user is a condition of the affiliate program
    7. Two-factor authentication protects your data and money
    8. Reinvestment of the balance of any other hash rate
    9. Accessibility and ease of use of the service, modern SOFTWARE, user-friendly interface
    10. Detailed statistics real-time monitoring of balance and production. The amount of Commission is known in advance, the user can see all the changes in your balance
    11. The possibility of mining the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, zcash
    12. Daily withdrawal of funds at the request of the user
    13. Round-the-clock technical and information support. Access your account 24/7
    14. Cloud mining Hashflare datacenter

    The shortcomings of the service, at first sight, are not visible from the point of view of security, can not be named as such. However, users among the shortcomings are the lack of automatic payments (withdrawals) and some slowness in the work of the site. These disadvantages are conditional because they do not affect the operation of the service as a whole, do not put users at risk and do not lead to changes in mining conditions.

    Hashflare datacenter benefits

    Cryptocurrency market analysts, experienced users and other interested parties predict a steady growth in demand for the cryptocurrency, and therefore for the services of companies offering cloud mining for all comers. It is noted that in 2018, HashFlare will retain its position as a strong player, and the cryptocurrency, in particular, bitcoin, will demonstrate the growth of the rate. At least until 2020, when the BTC mining award(Bitcoin) is planned to be halved, no significant changes are expected in the operation of the service. Hashflare datacenter remains one of the most popular tools for getting passive income from investments in digital currency.