Genesis mining profitability 2018

How do I register and start working on Genesis Mining?

You can start mining cryptocurrencies on this cloud service with only 26 dollars in your pocket. That’s how much is the cheapest contract under which you become the owner of 100 GH/s. We can not say that this service is the most profitable of cloud mining. Its profitability fluctuates within 80-150% per annum, and in the event of a fall in the price of bitcoin, then even less.
But high income is not a guarantee of well-being if it is not stable and not regular. And Genesis Mining company is characterized by stable operation and regular payments, which at its average level, in the end, are much more profitable than high-yield “days”. The promo code for a discount on the purchase of capacity at Genesis Mining: YeyRLA link to register Another point that attracts the user is the possibility of earnings immediately after the registration of the contract. Moreover, I want to emphasize the passive earnings. After all, you essentially do not need to do anything. Is that to go from time to time on the site, to ensure automatic replenishment of mined bitcoins. If you mine other cryptocurrencies, you can manually manage this process by adjusting the capacity and choosing the most profitable digital currencies, the income from which will also be on your balance sheet, but in the form of bitcoins.

Which of the most profitable currencies to mine on cloud mining?

There are about a dozen altcoins on the resource Genesis Mining, except for bitcoin, and you can choose any of these currencies for cloud mining. But, of course, the question immediately arises what kind of currency to produce the most beneficial from the point of view of profit? If the extraction of digital coins for you are not just an interesting pastime, but a way to earn money, then to determine the profitability of mining of a cryptocurrency, we advise you to use the profitability calculators, the data in them are updated online. In other words, there is no universal answer. In each case, you need to calculate everything, taking into account the factors that affect this very profitability. And several of them. First of all, this is the current value of the coin you are going to mine.

You also need to take into account the network complexity and how this complexity increases (in percent). But having made your choice, you can’t process, that is, to chance. The fact is that the situation is changing quickly enough and in order to “squeeze” the maximum profit from the purchased capacity, you need to constantly monitor the indicators you are interested in and adjust your work in accordance with their changes.

The possibility of additional earnings on the affiliate program you have a chance to increase their capacity by attracting new customers to the project. Under the terms of the program, the user you provided will receive a 3% discount on the purchase of the tariff plan. As a reward, you will receive an increase in leased capacity. How much they will be increased depends on your grade in the system and referral order. At the first level, the partner receives 2.5% of the order of the client. For example, when you buy 200 GH/s for BTC mining, you are added 5 GH/s. To go to the next level, the users you provided must pay for all packages over 100, the third level is 500.

The data is calculated for the last 100 days, if referrals spend a smaller amount, the rank will decrease. The administration does not limit partners in legal ways to attract new customers. You can post your promo code or link to websites, blogs, social networking communities, comments on forums, your channel on video hosting, email mailing lists. It is recommended to pay attention to the social. network Facebook and Twitter, where you can find a lot of target users. Power distribution system Genesis Mining, the project provides the possibility of distribution can see between various digital currencies. This feature is a feature of this service and deserves a separate conversation. This function can be accessed in the power Distribution tab.
The essence consists in the distribution of different types of capacities for various cryptocurrencies. Are to be distributed with the help of pie charts that are clear even at an intuitive level. The distribution allows reaching high profit, proceeding from the profitability of this or that currency at the moment. We really believe that you need to be very picky and even biased in order to deny the obvious advantages of this service.

We deliberately did not pay much attention to the working moments, because it is only necessary to register on the site (and registration is easy and fast), as everything becomes clear. No, however, in the management panel of your profile you just do not get confused, everything is clear and simple, so that no additional explanation is simply not required. The design of the resource is thought over, not burdened with unnecessary details and quite pleasing to the eye. The project has a good functionality.
They take care of the safety of customers, protecting their accounts from outside interference (two-factor authentication). I would like to note the friendliness of the support and its quick response to user requests.If you have any problems, you can be sure that the project team will solve them professionally and in a short time. In case of emergency, support can be contacted even by phone. As to the advantages of the resource can’t be attributed to a wide range of cryptocurrency mining and the presence of a mutually beneficial referral program. And finally, the moments that make you believe in the reliability and decency of Genesis Mining.

First of all, it is the presence of a real office of the company and the publicity of its team, which can be contacted by phone (numbers in the public domain). In the foreign market, Genesis Mining is one of the indisputable leaders of the companies engaged in cloud mining. Its popularity is due, in particular, and extensive use of advertising. The company buys advertising space in transport, in many cities you can see billboards with its advertising, etc. To some extent, this affects the yield capacity of the resource. She is known to be not particularly high. And how else, after all, the advertising costs amount to quite considerable sums. Although due to constant changes in the situation, sometimes you can get the very best deals.