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The rapid progression of all technological spheres makes mining more difficult today with each passing day. Most recently, users have successfully mined on a home computer, getting a decent profit, but today even some farms or collective pools are unprofitable.
Gradually, a new era in the field of cryptocurrency mining, called as cloud mining, is coming. Many users increasingly see this option as the best option, as there are some benefits.
Let’s take a closer look at the essence of cloud mining, the principles of its functioning, quality and, of course, the most suitable services for such a profitable activity.
The emergence of cloud mining
Due to many important factors, this variant of the extraction of specific cryptocurrency is gaining popularity. The principle of the method is simple. The user does not need to improve their PC with expensive items. It is enough for him to conclude a temporary contract for the use of computing power owned by any specialized service. Such companies have data centers (farms) mainly located in countries where the temperate climate and electricity is inexpensive.
The idea of cloud mining was not implemented immediately. At the beginning of the cryptocurrency boom, the typical computer consistently brought income. With the development of technology, such a scheme began to become unprofitable. The miners lone started to form groups (pools) to create a large hardware capacity for efficient mining jointly. This option is difficult, as it means precisely the observance of some essential aspects (responsibility, timing, technique, a good Internet line, etc.). There are many difficulties, so getting a good profit is not guaranteed.
Such obstacles contributed to the monopolization of the profitable sphere by large mining farms that have modern technology that provides tremendous computing power. Smaller players had to look for new ways to earn money. Due to such difficulties and there was cloud mining.
Web services that provide the ability to use cloud mining, users are given the opportunity to extract popular cryptocurrencies without large investments of their funds.
Nuance! In the cloud the most miners are mining Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin, zcash. Some companies charge a Commission percentage to compensate for their expenses related to the maintenance of equipment and electricity fees.

The principle of cloud mining

It is easy to understand how the whole scheme of miners using cloud mining works.
Main stages:

  1. initially, the company acquires modern technology and optimally adjusts it;
  2. you create a site designed to attract customers. The relevant sections provide all relevant, useful information: the terms of the contract, information about the company, technical capabilities, prices for services, instructions, articles, etc.;
  3. the interested user registers to select the necessary conditions and leases computing power;
  4. if the miner has chosen the right asset for production, then all parties receive profit.

Nothing complicated.

The positive qualities of cloud mining

The home method, in comparison with the cloud version of the crypto-money extraction, has undeniable advantages:

  1. there is no additional load on the home power grid. Additionally, electricity is not consumed;
  2. mining equipment on the service is already configured, and you only need to connect your PC to the system;
  3. there is no need to understand the intricacies of computer equipment, finding favorable prices, collecting and configuring modules for mining;
  4. there is no noise or overheating in the workplace;
  5. for news related to the cryptocurrency market, you can not follow to control the extraction of coins;
  6. eliminates the effect of excitement for the purchased equipment (breakage, aging, repair, etc.).

All these concerns are taken by the company with which the contract is concluded:

  • an excellent option if the cost of electricity in the country is high;
  • instant start of production cryptogenic after payment of rent capacity;
  • unhindered accessibility for users who want to make money on cryptocurrency.

It is advantage that significant investments in cloud mining will not be required. You can start with minimum tariffs, and then, under favorable conditions, it is advisable to develop.
These advantages are ideal if adequately selected digital asset. With an optimally positive outcome, rental costs will pay off quickly, and then there will be only profit.
Useful to know! On virtual currencies from the middle part of the rating to double the investment is obtained, as a rule, for 6-11 months!
Do not neglect referral programs that also bring income. Depending on the terms of service, the user who lured a new client will receive a stable, constant percentage of the income of his referral.


Cloud mining also has weaknesses. They need to know to lose their own money suddenly.
The most significant drawbacks are:

  • scammers, scammers – thieves-the Internet is full of such personalities who, under the guise of a well-designed site, sell non-existent services;
  • the service can stop working for various reasons (bankruptcy, blocking, hacker attack, etc.).);
  • there is no possibility of operational switching to the extraction of another virtual currency;
  • There is a tendency towards the conclusion of time-limited contracts. Indefinite appointments are disappearing;
  • You can’t count on a fixed income because companies often change their conditions and parameters. The main reasons for this are sharp fluctuations in prices and the elimination of unforeseen breakdowns;
  • investments pay off for a long time;
  • many services are practicing non-transparent mechanism.

Importantly! It is necessary to choose services providing fast payments and frequent withdrawals of coins to your secure wallet. Otherwise, a severe hacker attack can completely reset an individual account in the company!

Principles of mining in the cloud

cloud mining farm
The user will need the following to participate in cloud mining:

  • a computer connected to the Network;
  • the free money required to pay for the rental contract;
  • Virtual wallet for electronic currency. It needs to be fully verified.
  • choose a service that has a status that is legally binding;
  • To decide on the rental period and capacity of the removable equipment. Most companies try to enter into long-term, annual contracts (from 1 year). You can be persistent and choose a shorter rental period;
  • Now you just need to make the required amount and start mining. Coins will arrive at the specified details of a purse.

Council! All the money should not be invested under one contract, implying the use of one cryptocurrency. It is better to conclude several contracts for different electronic assets. If one goes at a loss, the other positions will compensate for this sagging and will benefit!

Sites that offer cloud mining

The service “cloud mining” provides many platforms. However, their promises and assurances cannot be trusted unconditionally. The probability of losing the invested funds and the advertised profit.
You should choose a company carefully, focusing on real customer reviews (fake comments are visible immediately). You need to look at the age of the company and the number of its customers.
Reliable companies usually provide detailed video materials related to their services, as well as a multi-currency feature. This option allows you to mine multiple electronic currencies on the same site.
Now let’s briefly analyze the most popular and reliable cloud mining sites that are publicly available.

1. Genesis Mining is a large, well-known and popular service offering through cloud mining to mine Monero, Ethereum, and zcash. The contract period is from 24 months. Enrollment for purse earnings daily, no fees. There are additional terms and conditions.
2. Hashflare – good working conditions: stable payments application, online statistics, responsive customer support and many payment options lease. The service allows you to mine Bitcoin, zcash, Ethereum, and DASH. The rent is made for one year.
3. By eobot is one of the first services started to offer a cloud mining. Large selection of cryptocurrencies and mining systems. Rental contracts from one day to 5 years. In the user’s account, the results of crypto money extraction are updated in a minute.
4. NiceHash is a relatively unusual service, the platform of which resembles a currency exchange. Lease for any term, with the right to terminate the contract at any time. Fines and compensation for this are not charged. There is a wide choice of algorithms. Supports all significant dialects, including Russian.
5. Hashing24-you can mine only bitcoins, and the output threshold is 0.002 BTC. The company is a large, reasonably reputable.


You can now consider cloud mining as a reliable, promising option to invest your funds. For earnings, it does not require expensive equipment and its configuration with maintenance. But here you can not relax because the attention of the investor should always accompany any investment.
On the first flyers on the Internet to throw not worth it. The service should be selected based on objective parameters-statistics, reviews, etc.
You can not always be sure of 100% return on investment, so for such enterprises, you need to use the available funds.